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As Ralph Kramden in The Honeymooners the Musical

at Paper Mill Playhouse


"Walters—whose resemblance to Gleason borders on the spooky—played the role to perfection. He not only has Gleason’s physical presence and facial features, but he captured an impressive amount of the body language “The Great One” employed as Ralph, as well as the character’s penchant for seamlessly sliding from bombastic to meek and back again."

-CHUCK DARROW, Philly Voice

"Ralph Kramden—Michael L.Walters—offered about as good an imitation of Jackie Gleason playing Kramden as you could ever hope to see. He had the look, the voice, the inflections. It was almost like watching Gleason. (Walters’ bio says he is a “noted impersonator of Jackie Gleason and Dame Edna.” ) And the chemistry between Walters and Leslie Kritzer—who was terrific as Alice Kramden—was very good. You could open the show on Broadway with Walters and Kritzer in the leads, and audiences would embrace them. Walters gave about as satisfying a performance by an understudy as I’ve ever seen. He played Kramden with relish." 

-CHIP DEFFAA, Cabaret Scenes

In THE PRODUCERS at Show Palace Dinner Theatre


"Michael L. Walters is brilliant as the deliciously conniving Max Bialystock... Walters is comfortable in the role, effortlessly improvising during a solo scene in the second act and holding stage bits right to the edge with double and triple takes, lip quivers and outrageous bawdiness that don't seem the least bit contrived."

-BARBARA FREDRIKSON, The St. Petersburg Times


"...this show belongs to Walters, who turns in a tour-de-force characterization of the wily Bialystock.

Larger than life... as he prances and dances on stage, Walters is adept at the physical comedy required of this role, but also shines as "The King of Old Broadway."

His solo in Act Two, "Betrayed", where he synopsizes the entire play, is brilliantly sung and performed as he takes on the various voices of the cast in a non-stop soliloquy"

-MARSHA REINERS, The Tampa Tribune


"If what they say is true, Casting is Everything, then director Todd Eskin got it right by picking Equity Actor Walters to overplay the bigger-than-life Broadway hustler. Walters adds all the Jackie Gleason moves and touches to make you believe that the blustering Bialystock may just be able to pull off his ruse. He also shows his mastery of the pause to get an extra laugh.

Walters' over-the-top performance takes this show over-the-top and ensures that you will be thoroughly entertained by The Producers."

-JACK PETRO, Jacks's



In LA CAGE AUX FOLLES at the Mark Two Dinner Theatre


"Anchored by the brilliant performance of Michael L. Walters, La Cage is a theatrical tour de force. One of the evening's highlights is Walters' uproarious and freewheeling tete-a-tete with the audience. Clearly in his element, Walters delightfully vamps like Mae West in her prime. Dressed in a hip-hugging gown and wielding an over sized walking stick, he chats, poses and swaggers to a rising tide of laughter, tossing off one liners and bawdy jokes in a rapid-fire falsetto."

-AL KRULIK, Orlando Weekly


"Michael L. Walters brings a beautiful voice and a nicely comedic manner to Albin... His comic impulses are right on target... This is an Albin audiences will love."

-ELIZABETH MAUPIN, The Orlando Sentinel



In LA CAGE AUX FOLLES at The Show Palace Dinner Theatre


"Through Albin/Zaza, we learn that this transvestite has emotional depth no different from anyone else. Not enough can be said about Michael L. Walters- he is simply superb.. He steps in front of the curtain and has a hilarious and (apparently improvised?) chat with the audience and shows us that he is the ultimate entertainer. His clarion voice displays anger and hurt as he sings 'I Am What I Am.'"

-MARSHA REINERS, The Tampa Tribune/Hernando Today


"Michael L. Walters is a terrific Albin: Slightly jaded, but still vulnerable, confident but easily hurt, effeminate, but not a parody. His off-script standup comedy routine in the middle of the title song is a hoot. His powerful "I Am What I Am" brings a catch to the throat."

-Barbra Fredriksen, The St. Petersburg Times




In TAKE ME ALONG at Jan McArt's Royal Palm Dinner Theatre


"Walters...has a glorious singing voice, making you believe at times that he's actually channeling Gleason."

-CHRISTINE DOLEN, The Miami Herald


"There are a great number of laughs, compliment of the light-footed, fast-talking Walters, who inflicts with the Gleason calibre every step and movement into the audiences' delight..."

-DONA KAY, The Hallandale Digest


"...if there was ever a more spitting image of the Great One, other than Gleason Himself, it has to be Walters. It's not quite an imitation as it is an homage...right down to Gleasons's patented stutterings. Walters is very good - as he's shown in other roles that have nothing to do with Gleason."

-ROBERT SANDLER, Loafer's Choice/ WINZ News



In MAN OF LA MANCHA at Actor's Playhouse


"In the role of the Padre, Michael L. Walters' rich, sweet tenor voice is impressive." 

-HAP ERSTEIN, The Palm Beach Post


"The Padre, played by Michael L. Walters...has a splendid voice."

-PAMELA GORDON, New Times Magazine



In BIG RIVER at the Mark Two Dinner Theatre


"One of the highlights of BIG RIVER is Michael L. Walters' portrayal of Pap Finn. His raucous, bluesy moonshine-soaked rendition of 'GUV'MENT' is hilarious.



"The best performance is given by Michael L. Walters as Pap Finn... Walters manages to flounder across the stage in a manner that has to take a great deal of coordination and grace."

-DARRELL JOHNSON, The Oviedo (Orlando) Voice



In the National Tour of BABES IN TOYLAND


"As the Toymaker, Michael L. Walters offered a sweet rendition of the show's best known tune, TOYLAND. Walters was the epitome of fatherly love, goodness, and unconditional love, a gentle old man, I would say. The casting was superb."

-WARREN GERDS, The Green Bay Press-Gazette



In PAINT YOUR WAGON at the Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival


"At the top of the many blessings we can count in this show is a REAL voice in Michael L. Walters. Walters... is built like Pavarotti and the voice is headed in that direction: a big, full baritone with a wide range, very even quality and a ringing, open top."

-CARROL STATON, Durant Daily Democrat



In RUMORS at the Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival


"Michael L. Walters gives a near-perfect performance as Lenny, using his character agressively and outlandishly... Walters is caustic, clever, and extremely funny, delivering lines with a subtle but exploding punch.

-DEBORAH RUSHING, The Daily Oklahoman

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